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Why Choosing X2BullRun

  • What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system and digital currency introduced as an open source software in 2009. It's based on the same principles as the internet, email or torrenting. Bitcoin is global and enables financial and economic freedom which has never been seen before.
    • Decentralisation. Bitcoin does not rely on any central servers or single points of failure. No individual, group or corporation owns or controls the Bitcoin network which is composed of hundreds of thousands of individuals running software and is constantly verifying and confirming transactions that are securely logged in a public world wide ledger that contains every transaction ever processed. This network also regulates the 21 million total XBT limit to be created. No individual or organization can control or manipulate the Bitcoin protocol because it is cryptographically secure.
    • Security. Bitcoin is based on encryption and a public consensus-based ledger which prevents the duplication, fraud or double-spending of any bitcoins. Bitcoin users are in full control of their transactions so it is impossible for merchants to force unwanted or unnoticed charges.
    • Low Fees. Anyone can send bitcoins to anyone, anywhere with one of the lowest transactions costs among major payment systems, using software installed on their computer or phone. These low transactions costs make doing business with bitcoins more affordable and convenient. Rather than a bank or payment provider setting an expensive fee, you choose how much you pay to the network yourself. This market for fees keeps them low and friendly to users
    • Divisibility. Bitcoins divide easily into millionths of a unit. You have control and flexibility in managing your bitcoin operations. Whether you want to buy, send or receive 100 or 0.0005 bitcoins.
    • Recognition. Because of these advantages, Bitcoin is becoming widely used across the world by businesses, consumers and investors. The currency is accepted by Dell, Microsoft, Rakuten, Etsy and many, many others, maybe even your local pub! Bitcoin has gained recognition by Her Majesty's Revenues and Customs and it is considered VAT exempt for the purchasing and selling of bitcoins. Corporate tax and capital gains are treated the same way any foreign currency would be treated for accounting purposes. These clear guidelines have given many in the UK and European Union a great deal of confidence in the everyday usage and ownership of bitcoins.
    • Learn more by watching a video.
  • What is X2BullRun? X2BullRun is the most trusted, secure and reliable Bitcoin decentralized application (dApp) because we provide a safe platform that gives to his users access to a fair, liquid and transparent Bitcoin autonomous platform. Our unique market model fuses advanced technologies with the oversight of professionals.
  • Where is the company registered? The X2BullRun is officially registered and managed by Beyond Holdings Limited in Marshall Islands. The company was incorporated under section 1115 of the Companies Act 2006. Company number: 80294
  • Can I query the registry of company? Yes, All information records (CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION; GENERAL COMPANY DETAILS & STATEMENTS OF: OFFICERS, CAPITAL & SHAREHOLDINGS, GUARANTEE; COMPLIANCE MEMORANDUM OF ASSOCIATION) are available directly on the official website of the Marshall Islands at https://resources.register-iri.com/CorpEntity/Corporate/Search. You can also ask for company's certificate of uncorporation by contacting our help desk.

About Program

  • How profit gets generated? At X2BullRun you don't have to make contracts or pledge your property. There are no lenders and no debtors. Everything is actualy real simple: one participant asks for help — another one helps. All profits are generated by new deposits.
  • I want to deposit, what to do? First Step: Choose the amount to deposit and provide your email address and your personal wallet to receive earned profit.
    Second Step: Just wait 100 hours to earn +10% net profit on your deposit.
  • How can I check my deposit? You can use an access token to get complete information about your deposit. An access token is provided for each new deposit made.
  • Do I have to pay taxes? Beyond Holdings Limited is offshore registered company. So all the profits we earn are made in offshore zone. Pay attention that Beyond Holdings Limited is not a tax agent and it's up to you whether you pay taxes in the country of your residence or not. Anyway Beyond Holdings Limited does not report any financial or other information to third parties including tax agencies.
  • Is it safe to deposit on X2BullRun? We at Beyond Holdings Limited ("x2bullrun.com") have direct moral and financial interest in keeping the program stable. We do not engage in high risk techniques for leverage in less than 100 hours.
  • How can I earn with X2BullRun? You will receive +10% net profit on the deposited amount after 100 hours. The earn will be automatically transferred to your Bitcoin address provided at the time of deposit
  • Are users accounts secure? Yes, users accounts data are protected technically (Secure Sockets Layer cryptographic encryption - SSL, Hacker-Proof and DDoS protected) and logistically (All users data are protected by the Non Disclosure agreement, which is a part of X2BullRun Terms of Service Agreement).
  • How can I withdraw funds? You will automatically receive the principal back and profit after 100 hours.
  • Does X2BullRun offer any affiliate program? Yes we do, our affiliate program is a great way for everyone to earn, you earn up to 5% commission of all amounts deposited by every one you refer.
  • Do you only accept crypto-currency Bitcoin? We accept crypto-currency Bitcoin only, because this is the best way to avoid high transaction costs, allowing small users to participate.
  • Can I make more than one deposit? Yes, there are no limitations. You can generate as many deposit addresses as you wish, by simply providing another payout address.
  • What if I deposit more than maximum or less than minimum? Any amount less than 0.001 BTC will be considered as donation, and will not reflect as a valid deposit!
  • Can I contact you? If you have any problems or further questions, you are most welcome to contact us using our friendly customer center or email us directly at [email protected]

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